Kindergarten: September 30 - October 4

Greetings Forestgarten Families,

Our first week back from Fall Break flew by!  We were so happy to see all of the children and they were happy to be back together as well.  Although Fall temperatures are continuing to evade us, we are still embracing the spirit of seasonal change as the leaves are changing colors and crunching beneath our feet.  We started the week with a brand new morning circle with themes of autumn, including fall harvest and red apples.  Hopefully your child is bringing some of the new songs home with them.

Our story this week was called “The Enormous Turnip.”  A farmer plants a huge field of turnips, as they are his very favorite.  He takes good care of the field all summer long and eagerly awaits the fall harvest.  When the time comes, to his dismay, there is but one turnip green spouting from the ground.  He is sad but he decides to enjoy the solitary turnip. When he goes to pull it from the earth, he finds that it simply will not budge.  He calls on his wife and animal friends to help him pull the turnip from the ground.  With the help of his wife, their beautiful horse, their gentle spotted cow and their sweet kitty cat, the turnip is finally set free.  How does this tale end?  Ask your Forestgartener to fill in the rest! 

Students are continuing to work on their finger knitting skills.  A few have mastered finger knitting with two fingers and have moved on to using all four fingers. Some are still working toward understanding the concept and we will continue to practice each Monday.  On Tuesday, we made pinecone bird feeders with our leftover trail mix snack.  It was a tasty treat for our birdy friends, as many were picked clean the following day.  The students learned about Golden Rod in Botany on Wednesday.  Ki Holly picked a sample to show the children and they were very excited at the end of the day when they saw it growing wild next to the entrance to the forest.  Watercolor painting continues to be a favorite activity and this week the children were able to experience a pallet of three colors. 

The warm afternoons have kept us inside a bit longer, where the children have enjoyed free play in the classroom.  Realizing that our crayons needed some cleaning, we spent a bit of time one afternoon polishing them with oil dipped cloths.  Drumming was a popular activity this week and we were impressed to see that a group of students created a variety of drums with materials from our classroom.  They were even mindful to use items that would not make too much noise in the indoor space. Dressing up with silks, building with blocks, and pretending to be animals were also favorite activities this week.  We enjoyed using the classroom to it’s full potential!

Thank you very much to those who attended our Parent Night on Wednesday.  It was so nice to chat with all of you and take you through a typical day in the life of a Forestgartner.  We hope that you enjoyed it as well and we look forward to planning another parent night closer to the spring time. 


Ki Fatima

Ki Holly

Ki Amy