Middle Grades: September 30 - October 4

I hope that everyone has recovered from the field trip. I was so proud of all of the students with their eagerness to learn, their courage to hold snakes, pet alligators, and walk six miles! If you haven't gotten a recap of their trip, please ask for one. Everyone seems to have had a good time.

The staff at Driftwood were knowledgeable and creative in the way they taught the students. Hats off to Justin Dewillers and Priscila Benson for being great chaperones!

This week we will be continuing our exploration of Georgia, which will include our Famous Georgia reports. Reminder - those are due tomorrow! Because of our field trip, Fall Break, and the Famous Georgia reports being due tomorrow, I have adjusted the due date for our next book report. The next book report will be due on Thursday, October 17.

From here on out the book reports will be due on Thursdays, and will hopefully be due every other Thursday. If your child wants to do a book report on a book they have at home, please first check to see if the book is on the list I provided. If not, I'd like to have a heads up on what your child is reading for the report so that I can read it first. I want to make sure that the book report will encourage other students to read the book, and I need to make sure that the reading levels are within our range. This is only for book reports.... other reading is free range!!

Have a wonderful week. If you haven't signed up to volunteer at Kingdom of Halloween, please be sure you do that. Several of you still need to sign up for a conference. If you did not get the Sign Up Genius info, please email me privately and I will send it again.