HomeSchool: Feb 4 - 8

Hello HomeSchool!

Hope you had a refreshing weekend! Our past week was a fishy one! We created imaginary fish with sidewalk chalk on the back patio. We painted beautiful underwater scenes of schools of fish with watercolor. We talked about saltwater fish and freshwater fish and all the places where fish live.

Ki Melanie from Atlanta Audubon Society brought two rescued ruby-throated hummingbirds for us to see in Creature Feature. We learned how we can all protect hummingbirds by planting native plants that are hummer favorites and keeping our cats indoors (or putting bells on their collars).  Ollie took us on a student-led hike and we spent a lovely morning playing in the creek. We sang the high-energy song "Alive, Alert, Awake, Enthusiastic".

We practiced the maypole dance and song that all grades students will be performing on May 3rd. This is a Friday, but we would love for the HomeSchool students to be a part of that day's celebrations. It is Grand Friends Day, a special day when we encourage students to bring their grandparents and other family members for a formal tea and the maypole dance.

This week is Shark Week! We will explore the undersea world of sharks and why they need all those teeth. Both Tuesday and Thursday are half days. Students will be on the playground 12:00 to 12:30pm for pickup. They will need a morning snack but not a lunch. We will go to the creek Thursday morning. Bring rubber boots and shorts that day.

I'm looking forward to our parent/teacher meetings in the afternoons. This is a great time to ask any questions you may have and discuss classroom policies and discipline, content of the remaining sessions, and upcoming events.

Quote from a child: "I don't know where my boots are. Maybe they walked away."

Quote (on a small, hand-painted sign) from Buck, proprietor of a roadside boiled peanut stand, Hatchechubbee, Alabama: "Turn off the phone 'n games. Don't set there getting old, fat, 'n ugly. Go outside and do something."

See you at the garden,

Ki Sonya