Lower Grades: Feb 4 - 8

The Lower Grades had a week filled with building words and writing. We built word families with short /o/ and short /u/ while other students worked with long vowel sounds. We also made our own letter cards to build words sound by sound. Examples are finding /p/, /e/, /n/ for “pen” or /squ/, /a/, /sh/ for “squash”. 
In Math, we played Wake-up Giants with dice, small group adding games with dice, and Guess the Number game through 100. 

All the students are knitting happily on needles and working on various projects. It been a fun journey watching them begin and develop their knitting skills. They continued learning strokes for Chinese characters and playing games in Spanish. For modeling with clay, we practiced making cubes, hollowing them out, and turning them into open boxes. We also enjoyed extra outside play this week with our warmer weather as well.  

Next week are Parent-Teacher conferences. Dismissal is at 12:30 all week. Aftercare will be available each day and is also available for signup during conferences. The following week is winter break. I will do my best to have your child bring home all their items of clothing for washing and repairs as needed. Some students are outgrowing their rain boots too so please be on the lookout. 😊 


Ki Melissa