Meadowgarten: Feb 4 - 8

Greetings Meadowgarten Families,

We had another wonderful week in the Meadowgarten, enjoying the sunshine and spring temperatures! 

On Tuesday, we celebrated Medha’s half birthday, as she turns 5 over summer break.  She looked so nice in her special dress and the children enjoyed seeing pictures of Medha from the time she was a baby.  Thank you to Medha’s parents for the sweet treats enjoyed by all! 

This week in the forest and on the playground, the children discovered worms, slugs, and ants.  What a change from the ice that filled the grounds last week! They built fairy houses, climbed trees, played on the rope swing, and got very muddy in the mud kitchen! In addition, the students could be seen at their “work bench” turning rocks into sand.  They collected certain types of rocks that they discovered would break down and set up a system of grinding, smashing and grating.  It was so fun to watch them work together!  

This week we told a story called “The Mitten,” in which little Nikki loses his white mitten in the sparkling white snow, only to discover much later that many forest animals had taken shelter in it, stretching it to the size of Nikki himself. We all laughed together at the end of the story each time it was told.

It was our week to take care of the school pet, our turtle.  The Meadowgartener’s enjoyed sitting near his tank after finishing their lunch, watching him swim, float and eat his food.  

 We are looking forward to seeing everyone at conferences this week! 


 Ki Amy and Ki Holly