Joyful Beginnings: Feb 11 - 15

This was an eventful week for both teachers and kids. Throughout the week we were able to meet the parents and discuss the progress of their little ones. Talking to parents is always inspiring. Reflecting back about the progress of the kids allows understanding the journey they have undertaken from the start of the year. I am so proud of the kids for growing up and learning new skills.

We also used our outside time to do some garden work. As the spring is slowly approaching, weather getting warmer and soil soaking up a lot of moisture for hot summer, we are keeping our eyes on the progress of our vegetables and flowers. The trees are sprouting buds around us and it will shortly be time when our garden starts to show visible progress as well.

We used Saint Valentine’s day celebration to work with the red color. We also used a touch of yellow to see how both of these colors work together. For the celebration we stringed colorful yarn through pink paper hearts to exercise our little fingers.

Kids were able to attend upper grades performance. Older kids have been preparing for some time. It was nice to see the performance and appreciate the effort they had put into this.