Meadowgarten: Feb 11 - 15

Dear Meadowgarten Familes,

We greatly enjoyed speaking with all of you about your wonderful children the week before break. We hope that you are happy with the information you received during conferences.  Please do no hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns moving forward.  

The half days always seem to fly by so quickly! We spent the whole week outside in the forest, keeping up with all of the wonderful activities that the children love so much. Ki Serena called on volunteers to lead the color song during Mandarin class and we practiced our Sol (sun) song in Spanish class.  Our story this week was Stone Soup and the kids had so much fun telling Ki Holly what ingredients to add to the soup.  The Meadowgarteners had a lot of fun with our real soup snack this week as well.  We added a bean medley in with our veggies and we were guessing what types of beans we were eating.  We found lima beans, chick peas, black beans, great northern beans, split peas and many more!

We really enjoyed seeing the play “Gilgamesh” that was performed by the Upper Grades and our very own Golden Knights.  It was a very impressive performance by all! 

We hope that everyone had time to relax and spend time with family and friends over the break and we are very excited to be back to school!

The weather looks mild in the week ahead and we can’t wait to start doing some arts and crafts and other practical work outside at our forest base camp!  


Ki Amy and Ki Holly