Lower Grades: January 28 - Feb 1

The Lower Grades had a busy week learning and playing.  We continued working with words families focusing on either short vowel words or long vowel combinations, depending on each student’s needs.  We shared the story, The Secret and Magic Name of the King as we worked on the /i/ and /o/ families and also copied captions for our drawings.  We started simple dictations this week, extended our sight word “wall” and played sight word bingo.  In Math, we revisited building numbers on our place value charts with the focus on regrouping while adding.

This week children enjoyed painting a lake scene for the second time.  Each week, we paint using the wet-on-wet Waldorf style of painting.  The students watch a demonstration of a painting and then recreate that same painting on their own.  The following week we free paint.  The week after they recreate the same picture from the demonstration.  Exploring both color and technique is interesting and fun for all of them.  In Mandarin, they began learning and practicing the various strokes for writing characters while in Spanish they played games and sang songs.  In German, they met Poppy, a puppet, and sang to call her out of hiding as well as to say good-bye to her.  Assembly was again successful and the children all did a wonderful job reciting their circle time poems and games.

Tomorrow nightTuesday, February 5th, is our All School Parent Night.  We are looking forward to sharing more about what we bring to our students in the Grades and kindergarten programs.  Please sign up for Parent-teacher conferences if you haven’t done so yet.


Ki Melissa