Mountaingarten: January 28 - Feb 1

Last week we enjoyed cold, wet, and beautiful sunshine-filled days together. On Monday, the children had their first German class with Ki Sandy, it went really well and they seemed to pick up German pretty quickly!

Tuesday and Thursday the children got to enjoy being Sungarten again. Trees were climbed, mud cakes were made, ice was scavenged for, and songs were sung!

We saw impressive teamwork in the forest this week as the children took turns pulling each other on the tire, which is no small thing to pull!

On our way to see the animals, the children were mesmerized by the frozen lake, we gazed at it a while before going on our way.

In the classroom, we continue to work on cleaning our areas after we've finished eating and tucking in our chairs. Some children sewed beads onto felted hearts.

The children did a really well on last Friday's assembly. They sang a surprise birthday song for Ki Aja, the Golden Knights recited "Brave and True", and as a group they finished with "Yonder Come Day."

May all be well.


Ki Fatima & Ki Aja