Joyful Beginnings: March 11 - 15

Every day we are having tea outside. Kids really love it. If I forget the tea they show me sad faces. This week on Monday and Tuesday we had our first snack outside as well. It was a very good outing. We will try having outside snack every Monday of the week.

We had a visitor this week on Wednesday. Asher came to our class on observation day. He played with all the kids during the day.

Wednesday we also tried our hand at making our snacks. This week we made the corn tortillas similar to last week. Last week hummus was not universally liked by all kids. This week instead of hummus, we made tomato salsa. Kids chopped tomatoes, onions and used scissors to cut up cilantro. Salsa was also not universally liked. We will keep on looking for the food that they like as much as tortillas.

Thursday middle grades gave us strawberry seedlings. We planted them in our garden box. Now we have flowers, vegetables, and strawberries in our garden patch. As the weather is getting warmer every day, we are getting closer to seeing the results of our work.

On Friday we celebrated Theo birthday. His actual birthday was a week ago but we wanted to celebrate with the whole class. He turned two years old. His mom and older brother visited the celebration.

From Last Week:

This was a very cold week for us. Despite the cold kids ventured outside for play and for visit to the farm. We played outside in the small playground in the sandbox. The cold weather had iced over the puddles. Kids were excited to see the ice. They were enjoying themselves by breaking the ice and holding the icy shards in their hands.

In our painting classes, we discussed the sky, clouds, and sun. We used blue color to paint the sky and the clouds and yellow to add some sun to fight away the cold outside weather.

On Wednesday kids made snacks for themselves. We started by making hummus from scratch. To help us scoop it up, we also mixed masa harina with water and a bit of oil to make corn tortillas. We baked them in the oven. All the kids liked the warm tortillas. Most kids liked also hummus. We will try to have similar projects every Wednesday. Food always tastes better if you have participated in making it.