Meadowgarten: March 4 - 15

Greetings Meadowgarten Families!

We have had fun (and cold!) weeks in the Meadowgarten last week.  Due to the icy temperatures in the mornings, we spent a bit more time inside our classroom.  We enjoyed Tuesday and Thursday as Sungarten, spending the entire day with our Mountain friends.  On Tuesday, we enjoyed Spanish class with our new teacher Ki Paulyna!

We received seedlings from Ki Kathee and we will watch them sprout in our classroom before sending them home for the weekend.  Please take care of the seedlings over the weekend and bring them back on Monday so that we can plant them in our garden bed.  

We spent a lot of time with our animal friends this week in the garden, which the Meadowgarteners greatly enjoyed.  In the garden, students enjoy climbing on the dome, pulling the mud filled wagon from place to place, crossing the student-built bridge to the area where they are digging for dinosaur bones, and finding slugs and earthworms below the many rocks that live there.  

We celebrated dear Luna’s birthday and enjoyed delicious banana bread as a treat! We also celebrated Lochlan’s birthday with some strawberries and coco whip!

We are so thankful to the Upper Grades students for sharing their Trojan Horse fort with us that they built themselves.  They led us into the forest and talked to us about the structure and each Meadowgartener had a turn climbing the steps and hanging out in the fort.  It was so much fun!  

The forest is still very muddy.  Please remember to send your Meadowgartener with appropriate footwear for forest play. Rain boots or other waterproof boots are the best option to keep their feet dry and warm as they splash and play.  


 Ki Amy and Ki Holly