Lower Grades: March 18 - 22

The Lower Grades completed their last math block for the school year. We spent time with each of the four operations practicing and memorizing math facts. We also painted wooden pegs for our math gnomes and the children sewed felt hats and capes for them which they brought home on Friday.  Any unfinished gnomes went home with the needed supplies to complete them with the exception of a sewing needle.  The students used the blanket stitch to edge the cloak(s) and hats.  They worked very diligently and with great pride and delight on this project. Many children improved their sewing skills dramatically as well, as we worked on slowing down and/or improving our stitch consistency working on making even, thoughtful stitches. 

Our next block, led by Ki Kathee, focuses on our upcoming performance with the Middle Grades of Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat.  Our performance will be held Thursday, April 25th at 6:30 in the sanctuary (where we hold our First Friday assemblies).  During this block the children will spending time daily practicing their roles, lines and songs and also working on costumes and props.  We will also work on our language skills through stories and writing and continue to practice our developing math skills during the school day.  

This past week we again painted mountain scenes while wet-on-wet painting and also practiced drawing rabbits in a field with block crayons with great success.  We enjoyed our outside play while gardening and nature exploring where they made sun prints with Ki Sonya.  Handwork continues to be a favorite class.  In Mandarin, the children finished papers of practice strokes for Chinese characters and continued learning Spanish through various games and songs.

Ki Melissa