Meadowgarten: March 18 - 22

Greetings Meadowgarten Families!

Last week in the Meadowgarten, we enjoyed brisk mornings with fires and warm afternoons where jackets were shed and students actually complained it was “toooooo hot!” Toward the end of the week, some of the puddles and mud finally started to dry out in the forest. We spent about half our outside time in the forest and the other half in the garden.  The students are looking forward to helping the Upper Graders with the tree house project in the forest, which was started this week.  In the garden, students continue to excavate the soil looking for buried treasures.  The students have really enjoyed spending more time with our animal friends.

Typically, when we are in the forest our rule is “dry play” so that our Meadowgarteners can stay dry and warm throughout our morning time outside.  However, one morning was particularly warm and students found themselves migrating toward the large puddle at the bottom of the forest and when we saw how much fun they were having jumping in the puddle, we lifted the rule and encouraged wet play. And they had a muddy, wet BLAST! 

We are starting to learn numbers in Mandarin with Ki Cerena.  We enjoyed Mandarin out in the garden this week with the donkeys and goats as our backdrop.  After Mandarin, the students devoured Ki Holly’s Famous Bread, as one of our students coined it, and huge, tasty oranges.  

We are looking forward to some basic work with hammers next week out in the forest and we will also start kneading some dough! We have asked the Joyful Beginnings class to join us on Thursdays for soup starting next week.   

Even though the forest is starting to dry out, there is still a large amount of mud so please continue to send waterproof boots and a change of shoes.


Ki Amy and Ki Holly