Joyful Beginnings: Feb 25 - March 1

Kato had a birthday this week. He now is four years old. We celebrated it together with the class. Kato had brought brownies and strawberries for the treat. Everyone was excited about the birthday and the treats.

We also had a guest this Thursday when Kato’s sister joined us for a day. At the start, she was a little unsure but she quickly joined the rest of the kids and played like a regular.

Wednesday we went to the creek. Kids had small fishing sticks and we tried to catch some fish. We will have to work on our technique or tools to be more successful and actually catch one.

This Friday we went to the garden to check on the progress of our vegetables and flowers. We also planted radish seeds to supplement our expected harvest. On the way back the day treated us to very large and muddy puddles.=

We were discussing a wind this week. Unfortunately, the week was not particularly windy to help us with live observations. Nevertheless, we talked about the winds. We also started to explore the blue color and used it to draw the wind.