Middle Grades: Feb 25 - March 1

Today was the day we started a new block - gardening!!  We will be postponing the planting for at least a few days - the ground may be frozen in the morning; however, the plan is to be outside and in the garden all morning every day for the next two weeks, so please make sure your child is dressed in layers, and in clothes that will stand getting dirty.  The temperature will be extremely cold for the next two days, so it is imperative that they have hats and gloves.  I was absent today, so I haven't seen the spelling tests, but if there are a lot of misspelled words, I will add them to the test this week and ask all students to spell them again. If you want to come help int he garden, please let me know you are coming.  There are many tasks, and it would be fun to have some of you joining us!

Have a good week!