Upper Grades: Feb 25 - March 1

It's been an eventful week in the Upper Grades class! Ki Carol has transitioned to a new role, specializing in the language arts component of the curriculum. Main lessons for the remainder of the year will be taught by Ki Molly along with Don Andres, Ki Jas, and other guest teachers. The students will still get to have their special time with Ki Carol, and today was the first of her specialty language arts classes. 

Last week we joined the encamped Greek army for their ten-year siege of Troy in The Iliad, and this week we journey with Odysseus through the many adventures that will bring him safe home to Ithaca. In addition to the Trojan horse- inspired tree fort we started last week, the upper grades is working on some Greek pottery, Greek roots of English vocabulary, and the 5 Greek sports in which they will compete at next month's pentathlon.