Mountaingarten: April 8 - 12

Dear Mountaingarten families, 

We had an eventful and exciting week this past week! The children enjoyed holding the soft baby chicks in their hands and looking at their different colors and feathers.

In the garden we planted herbs, smelled the newly bloomed lavender, and had to seek shelter under the gazebo during Spanish one day as the sky opened and poured rain upon us! 

We also got to admire the lovely radishes Ki Ieva and Joyful Beginnings planted, they kindly gifted two to our class. Thank you Ieva and Joyful Beginnings!

In the forest we also enjoyed making leaf crowns, spotting the turtles sunbathing on top of the logs in the lake, and climbing on top of the Trojan horse. 

We also had our last creature feature of the school year- a cob county bomb dog! The kids loved petting him and watching him chew up his toy. Thanks to the police officer Elijah who brought him in and for answering all our questions! 

A special thanks to Sarah Darby and all who helped out during the Springtide festival on Saturday. What a beautiful festival it was.

A few reminders:

As sunny days are up ahead, please apply sunscreen on your child prior to coming to school! We are planning to jump in the creek this week so make sure your child comes to school with a swimsuit and change of clothes as well! 

Thank you all, have a wonderful week ahead :-) 


Ki Fatima & Ki Aja