HomeSchool: April 15 - 19

Hello HomeSchoolers!

This week our HomeSchool went back to the neighborhoods behind the school. We cleaned and marked more storm drains and hung more educational packets on mailboxes. We feel like we have gotten good coverage on the streets along Little Noonday Creek and hope it will make a difference for our little creek!

We created some beautiful thank you cards for Cobb County Officer Elijah and his bomb dog Norbo. These will be mailed to him, along with drawings and messages from the Lower Grades and Middle Grades students. We've also included framed photos of Elijah, Norbo, and the two of them with our students.

This morning we practiced the Maypole Dance with other grades students. We learned how to tell time on a clock with hands! We went on an adventure along the creek that included hiking thru mud and wildflowers, sliding down a tiny waterfall, climbing thru huge bamboo, eating lunch in a meadow with hundreds of tiny spiders, and drawing in our nature journals.

Larry and I are headed to my aunt's funeral in Dothan, Alabama and will return Monday evening. Next week we will be without Elsu who is participating in the Pentathlon. On Tuesday, we'll discuss our take-home project on mammals, practice the Maypole Dance, and practice telling time. On Thursday, we will do an archaeology dig looking for bones, skulls, artifacts, fossils, and jewels and her some archaeology stories.

On Thursday, May 2nd we will go on an all-day field trip to the TELLUS Science Museum and Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville. We will meet at TELLUS at 9:45am. They are located at Exit #293 of I-75. Their address is 100 Tellus Drive, Cartersville. Admission to TELLUS is $11.95 plus tax for children (3 to 17) and $15.95 plus tax for adults. Admission to the Booth Museum is free for children 12 and under and $12.00 for adults. Bring your lunches so we can have a picnic! If you are not able to attend, please arrange a carpool with another HomeSchool family.

Save the date: Saturday, May 11th, 10:30am-12:30pm: Hiking with Prancer at Pettit Environmental Preserve. This is a 70-acre preserve in Bartow County (between Cartersville and Dallas). It is only open to the public one day a month. Use Douthit Bridge Road, Dallas GA when using GPS. Then follow their small signs. Admission is $3.00/person with a maximum of $10.00/family. Prancer and I will be there that day to walk the 1.7-mile loop trail around the gorgeous lake. The trail is rough in some places and does not accommodate strollers. Leashed dogs are welcome. Please join us! I'm sure it will become one of your favorite hiking spots.

Quote from a child: "You don't have to be as big as the other kids. Not if you're fast and smart!" 

Quote from Dr. Seuss: "Children want the same things we want: To laugh, to be challenged, to be entertained, and to be delighted." 

See you soon,

Ki Sonya