Joyful Beginnings: April 15 - 19

Our tradition is to make and bake tortillas on Wednesdays. This time we wanted to shake things up a bit. We added some cumin seeds to our dough. Kids loved the new addition to our bread. The tortillas tasted more wholesome.

Already last week we had planted some sunflowers. This week we planted some additional sunflowers in the peat tablets in the box to germinate. Kids also added viola and zinnia seeds to the germination box. May is not that far away and we hope we will be able to see our new flowers blooming before the school is out.

Keeping up with the theme of sunflowers, we also made them from the modeling clay during our craft time in the class.

Thursday we got invitation from Meadow garden to share a vegetable soup with them. That was very nice from them. We got some nice and tasty soup to savor. They promised to invite us to eat porridge next Monday.

Friday we had story time with the kids. Friday was wet and muddy day. Once we returned to classroom and changed our clothes to clean ones, we sat around and listened to Ki Ieva telling the story about three bears and the girl who visited their home while there were out. Kids love to listening to these stories. We don’t have time to tell them everyday but we have few times when we make time.