Mountaingarten: April 15 - 19

Dear Mountaingarten families,

We had an exciting week searching for precious stones and shells in the sand, finding wooden shelters in the forest, spotting caterpillars and butterflies, holding the chicks and observing how much they’ve grown, and enjoying each others good company. 

We had some chilly mornings too! But the sun warmed us as the day progressed and consequently layers were shed. 

On Friday, we stayed inside mostly and had a fun craft day while the rain poured outside. We set up different stations where the children could make felted eggs and Spring wreaths, or “birds nests” as they liked to call it. 

The children listened to a story about a girl named Penelope who was unkind but after noticing no one would play with her, she changed for the better and made lots of good friends. We talked about what are some kind things that we can do for others. 

May all be well.

With Gratitude,

Ki Fatima & Ki Aja