Meadowgarten: April 15 - 19

Greetings Meadowgarten Families!

We had a wonderful week in the Meadowgaten, spending as much time outside as we could before the stormy weather approached on Friday.  In the forest, the students are working on sanding pieces of wood that will be used for a craft.  We are working on patience with them, as they are eager to be finished quickly.  We have explained that sanding wood by hand is work that takes a bit of time. 

On Monday we celebrated Nolan’s half birthday!  It was a fun celebration where we learned about Nolan’s very fast arrival into this world and all of the things he has enjoyed doing since then!  Thank you to Ki Lesley and Zach for the delicious treat of yogurt and granola! 

It has been amazing to watch the garden growing rapidly and we hope to see some sprouts in our newly planted herbs very soon.  The children observed the kudzu growing again and picked some for our animal friends to enjoy.  

In the forest, all of the kindergarteners spent time looking at the creek, very eager to begin swimming once again.  As soon as the mornings warm up, we promised them that we will resume our swimming adventures! 

The stormy weather on Friday kept us inside most of the day. We kneaded the dough for our tortillas, which Ki Holly baked and served as an after rest time snack.  We also made wreaths with dried flowers, and wet felt eggs. We decided to brave the rain at the end of the day and the children splashed and played in the large mud puddle (more like a small pond!) that formed in the playground!   

Just a few reminders: 

Please apply bug spray and sunscreen to your child prior to the start of school day.  

Please remember to pack a change of clothes daily.  

Please remember to pack a water bottle each day.  We go to the forest immediately following morning circle and especially with warmer temperatures, it is imperative that each child has a full water bottle at the start of the day.

Lastly, please pack a wet bag or grocery sack in your child’s back pack for wet clothes.


Ki Amy and Ki Holly