Upper Grades: April 15 - 19

Last week the Upper Grades class began their last block of the school year. Over the next few weeks, we will be studying North American geography expanding on the local geography block from earlier in the school year. We began the block by taking a look at the physical geography of the continent and will begin zooming in to look at the geographical regions of the United States with an overview of the landforms, biomes, and climate as well as the plant and animal life. We will also learn about human geography of each region and look into the first people and settlers and how they have utilized and modified the resources in each region.

We will be attending the Southeast Waldorf Pentathlon Tuesday-Thursday of this week. Nine schools from around the southeast will be participating at the event hosted by the Waldorf School of Atlanta at Camp Twin Lakes. The students have been working hard to prepare for each of the events: discus, javelin, wrestling, long jump, and relay race. We are excited for our first class from The Garden School to participate in this annual regional event that is a hallmark of Waldorf school fifth grade classes around the world.