Joyful Beginnings: April 22 - 26

Spring has truly arrived in full bloom. During our outside play, we are on a lookout for new plants and flowers. Kids are also excited about different creatures coming out. We try to transfer this feeling into our classroom projects as well. This week we were again making sunflowers from molding clay.

Last week we planted seeds for our gardening project. This week our flowers in peat tablets have sprouted. Next week we will need to replant them in our garden. Kids are now regularly checking our strawberry patch to see if the berries have already ripened. We are still a week or two away from being able to try the strawberries. This will be a great lesson in building patience for them. 

Wednesdays have become our baking days. Some kids cannot hide their excitement about making something tasty again. They are impatiently waiting until we start. This time we made a different baking project - multi-seed oatmeal banana cookies. We used vegan butter and gluten free oatmeals. Kids also added chia seeds and hemp hearts. We substituted the egg with mashed bananas. At the end we had multi seed vegan gluten-free oatmeal banana cookies:) Kids loved them!

This week we joined our older schoolmates twice for a shared meal. On Monday, Meadow garden invited us for porridge in the garden. Kids loved the porridge and enjoyed the company. On Thursday, we joined Sun garden for a bowl of soup at the picnic table. Thanks to our friends in Meadow and Mountain garden for thinking of us and sharing their meals. Kids enjoy the larger group gathering and the tasty meal accompanying it.