Meadowgarten: April 22 - 26

Greetings Meadowgarten Families!

 We enjoyed a beautiful spring week in the Meadowgarten!  

On Monday, we started our adventures in the Garden.  Students made balls of clay, fed clovers to the animals, and kept busy digging holes and playing in the “boat” that they created from planks of wood.  We shared our Monday oatmeal snack with the toddlers which was a fun change to our snack routine. We headed to the forest shortly after snack to seek some shade.  There, we found a really neat looking frog in our wood shed at base camp.  Be sure to check out the pictures below! 

Throughout the week the students listened to a story called “Lady Spring.”  It tells about Spring time slowly emerging as winter winds lessen with each day until finally it is warm enough for Lady Spring to fully bloom. The students enjoy listening to stories during snack time.  It provides a nice and needed rest in the middle of morning play. 

 On Tuesday, the students were intently watching the creek and wishing to swim.  Although not quite warm enough for swimming, we headed down to “Kindy Beach” and played in the sand.  It was so much fun making sand castles and dipping our fingers into the cool, crisp water.  

On Wednesday, we were so impressed with the students during Mandarin.  Almost all of them have mastered the new numbers song and were singing loudly and confidently.  Ki Cerena called on many volunteers to lead the group.  It is amazing to watch how effortlessly children are able to grasp foreign languages.  

Thursday was especially exciting, as we were able to see the Lower and Middle grades in their performance of Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors.  All of the kindergarten students sat quietly in their chairs throughout the entire performance.  They enjoyed it very much!  It was quite impressive!

On Friday, we celebrated sweet Annabelle’s 5thbirthday. We saw pictures of Annabelle as a tiny baby and heard special memories shared by her mom. Annabelle brought watermelon to share with the class and everyone loved it!  We took the rinds to the garden to feed the donkeys and goats.  

Please remember to apply sunscreen in the morning if needed and pack bug spray as well.  Weather permitting, we may play in the creek this week. Please pack a swimming suit or other clothing that is comfortable to get wet in as well as a change of clothes and water shoes. 

As always, thank you for sharing your child with us!


Ki Amy and Ki Holly