Middle Grades: April 22 - 26

I was SO proud of the students and what they were able to accomplish during the play block.  I hope you enjoyed the evening.

Coming up this week is a performance at the Grand Friends Day celebration.  You should have all gotten a message on Bloomz about the attire for Friday.  We will be doing a Maypole dance, the string ensemble will be performing several pieces, and our class will do a recitation and a song.  The celebration is always great fun, and I hope you can come and bring a grandparent or grand friend.

This week in Main Lesson we will be finishing several projects outside and working hard on the four math operations.  There will be some spelling, reading, writing, and grammar too.  I am looking forward to getting back into our usual rhythm by visiting the garden first thing in the morning.  It's the time of year when every student should have 3 things with them at all times - sunscreen, bug spray, and water.  Please make sure your child has all of those in their backpack.  And, because it will be very hot this week, they will need a change of clothes every day, and boots or immersible shoes, just in case we need a quick cool off in the creek.

Have a great week!

Only 13 more days of school???