Lower Grades: March 25 - 29

The Lower Grades enjoyed our first week of the Play/Language Arts block. We spent time each morning practicing for our play that will be April 25 at 6:30pm in the church’s sanctuary. The children have their various roles and are all the learning songs. We played dramatic acting games and worked on memorizing the extensive list of colors in Joseph’s technicolor dream coat. For Language Arts we read, drew and wrote about the fairy, Tiptoes Lightly, and the Barefoot giant. We learned about “ing” and revisited “Magic e” (silent e).  

The weather was lovely and we spent a lot of time outside. The children worked in the garden and explored the wetlands with Ki Sonya. In Handwork, we are working on pot holders and hats with rounded tips that work on our skills with decreasing. We also painted a spring tree and practice drawing rabbits to celebrate spring’s arrival. Spanish and Mandarin are both moving along happily and busily. 

Spring Break should be a fun and, hopefully, relaxing time for all! Once we return, we will continue with our Play and Language Arts block. If the weather is staying warm, we will also resume water play in and around the creek. Please help your child come ready to change their clothes as needed! 



Ki Melissa