Joyful Beginnings: May 6 - 10

We are quickly approaching the end of the school year. This will be our last week of school.

Our garden patch yielded our first strawberries for kids to try. We also sneaked into the middle grades garden patch to get some snap peas and wild onions. Kids loved those as well. We later confessed that our little birdies have been snacking on their pods:)

This Wednesday instead of baking tortilla or fancy cookies, we made kale chips with a little salt and some garlic. All kids eat the chips. Nobody even complained that there were no cookies or tortillas.

This week we were talking about the rainbow in the class. Children listened to a poem about a rainbow cat who could turn into all colors of the rainbow. During the week we tried to explore all the colors of the rainbow. Students got to explore lots green: snap peas, kiwis for a snack, kale chips in the baking and all the green plants that surround us. Strawberries represented the red color with some little white specks here and there. Our muddy feet after night’s rain gave us some darker tones. Sun gave us yellow and skies provided us with blue.

Ki Ieva made some white clover wreaths for children to wear on their heads as a celebration of the spring.

Thanks to Linnea for coming to our class to make some group photos.