Upper Grades: May 6 - 10

We completed our exploration of North American geography last week with a deeper look into the regions of the United States. Our emphasis over the past week was on hand drawn and colored maps to give students a personal and relational understanding of geography. Freehand map drawing not only helps a student understand spatial relationships, scale and nesting (cities within states within countries), but it also gives the student a sense of place knowledge to help them understand the features that have shaped the habitats and culture of an area. We also worked on written regional summaries that synthesized orally presented material into organized outlining and composition. In addition to our writing and drawing exercises, the students have learned regional folk songs, Native American legends and tall tales to provide a deeper sense of each geographic area. 

The students have been working on their state projects over the course of the block and will present their states to the class on Tuesday. We will finish out the school year in the upcoming week by completing master book pages, wrapping up our decimals work, and binding master books.