Our School Turtle

Our school turtle turned out to be sweet and gregarious and a lot of fun! We'd like to thank the 16 families who helped to turtle sit on weekends and over the long school breaks. We hope you enjoyed him!

A BIG thank you to:

Max and Charlotte Oeschger

Amelia and Julia Hollister

Ollie and Lucas Rivera-Garwick

Helene and McKenna Maher

Nola and Mike Brown

Brolin Fields

Christopher Banz

Sofie Perri

Zoey Butterfield

Asher Smith

Major and Pipor Parks

Nico Erredia

Andi Skomorokhov

Carden and Collin Melton

Nina Kennington

Rory and Nolan Lang

This Friday, the turtle will go home a second time with one of our school families. He will now be officially called Shelton John and will make his forever home with Travis, Candace, Major, and Pipor Parks. We have stocked their house with a lifetime supply of turtle kibble and dried shrimp (his favorite) and hope he'll be back for a visit next year!

Here are a few cute turtle pics!

Ki Sonya