Joyful Beginnings: May 13 - 16

The school year has ended. We just finished our last week of school. Looking back at the students, we see how they have grown over this year. We, Ki Ieva and Ki Whitney, have also grown over this year. We have learned how to relate to each of the students within the Waldorf environment. We are looking forward to the next year of growth for us and for students.

One final messenger for this year.

We started on Monday with our new tradition - eating porridge with Meadow garden students. We occupied a stage in the forest for our communal meal.
We worked in the garden. The week was dry. Our flowers and strawberries need watering. We used our watering cans. Students love watering.

In our last painting class, we used yellow and green colors. We listened to our late favorite story - Rainbow cat and sang about the rainbow too.

Tuesday Kayden’s brother had a birthday party. Our class was invited to join them for a snack. That was a nice surprise for us.
We had another invitation to join Meadow garden for some rice and edamame.

On Wednesday we had our own snack making. We made again our first baked good - corn tortillas.

As you can sense, last week has been about picnic and snacks.
This week we had guests - Kato’s younger twin sisters for two days to add extra fun. We finally had girl majority in our class:) They blended in nicely with the rest of the class.

Have a great summer!