Lower Grades: May 13 - 16

Thank you all for a wonderful first year together!

The Lower Grades spent this last week together playing inside and outside, finishing up projects, cleaning and enjoying each other’s company before we parted for the summer break.  Each child took home two master books and a folder containing the work they did for the year.  Please take time to share in their pride and accomplishments.  These pages reflect the work, stories and activities the children put on paper.  They were so excited to see them and it is always fun to watching them see the progress they made throughout the school year!

Thank you to Nina Grega, Abby’s mom, for being our room parent this past year.  Nina has recently joined our Board of Trustees and will focus on helping to guide our school in the coming year.  Candace Parks, Major’s mom, is stepping into the role of room parent for the 2019-2020 school year.  Welcome Candace!  

We are also saying good-bye and sending happy wishes to Christina and her family as they start a new adventure together in the Netherlands sometime this summer.  We will miss you Christina and family!! 

Finally, thank you all for sharing your children with me this past year!  Each child brings a special and unique energy to our group and each is treasured dearly!

Have a safe and wonder-filled summer!  

See you all next year!