Middle Grades: May 13 - 16

We ended our year with a great week. Field Day was filled with fun activities, and as the students finished up their main lesson books and gathered everything they needed to take home, I was reminded of how

much they have grown this year, not only physically, but academically and socially. They have worked as a team this Spring to create a lovely garden patch. 

I would like to thank Holly Hollister for being our class parent this year. It has been nice to be able to ask her to set up things, make phone calls, and chaperone one of our field trips, and post things on Bloomz as needed. Many thanks, Holly!!

Many thanks to Priscila Benson for being our class parent for 2019-2020.  You will be hearing from her over the summer. 

Soon you will receive an email from me with suggestions for summer study. The reading list I send will be specific to your child. All of them would benefit from reciting the multiplication tables and doing practice problems in math, just in case anyone wanted to get a head start😊. 

I hope you have a great summer. Maybe you can join me in the garden a couple of times. Keep your eyes open for announcements about gatherings. We might have a couple of new faces to greet. 

And thanks again for sharing your children with me!!

Blessings, Kathee