Upper Grades: May 13 - 16

The Upper Grades class finished out the school year with their state reports. Each student received a wood carving of their state bird after presenting their state to the class. The birds are a woodworking project that they can work on over the summer with carving tools, knives, sanding, and paints to round them into closer approximations of their state bird. Here is an example of a goldfinch carving: https://thewoodenwagon.com/Merchant2/graphics/00000001/FOS16805-1.jpg 

This is a good gift set of beginner carving tools for students who enjoy woodworking:  https://smile.amazon.com/Flexcut-Beginner-All-Purpose-Included-KN600/dp/B005EG033Y . 

The students bound their master books on Thursday and enjoyed looking back on the work they accomplished throughout the year. Some missing master pages were found tucked away in the classroom after dismissal. Please reach out to Ki Molly to arrange getting the missing student work. Enjoy your summer break, and we look forward to more fun and learning adventures in the fall!