Joyful Beginnings: April 29 - May 1

We started a week with replanting our plants from the peat tablets into the flower pots. Students also got new water cans. All of them enjoyed filling them up and then watering our newly planted flowers.

We were again invited to join the porridge meal with Meadow garden. The day was nice and sunny and kids loved sharing the meal.

On Wednesday made again our multi seed vegan gluten-free oatmeal cookies. This time we replaced the mashed banana with applesauce. The cookies turned out little more crumbly with applesauce than with banana. We are experimenting with how the cookie texture and taste changes as we swap out different ingredients. This is our tasty science project. We made cookies for ourselves. We also made extra cookies to share with our friends from the Meadow garden.

This week we found a new game. Every child found different wood pieces that were flatter and resembled phones. Then they played calling each other and arranging playdates for their children, taking care of family chores or informing each other that they are running late with grocery shopping. They were very responsible small adults:)

On Friday we attended Grandfriends Day to see the performances of our school mates.