First Grade: August 8-9

Hello first grade families,

With much excitement, we have now begun our first year of the grades. With yesterday's jitters behind us, the joy of what is to come is now becoming our reality. Yesterday, the children were able to get the first taste of form drawing and a wonderful story that came with it. The children were able to explore the school, no longer as kindergartners, but as older kids who can walk in a straight line quietly. They were able to enjoy our forest and creek towards the end of the day, in which they were all ready for.

This upcoming week our first graders will be listening to more stories while exploring nature through art and learning the curves and lines of our form drawings. They will enjoy The Enchanted Wood as it is being read out loud to them during their quiet time. Specials will also begin next week and the children will be filled with beautiful languages such as Spanish, Mandarin and will be starting American Sign Language. They will have handwork where they will be able to slowly navigate their way into knitting, and singing with Ki Kathee during music class. They will have their Environmental Studies where they will be able to explore more of the nature around them.

Please remember that children should be sent with a change of clothes everyday. Bathing suits for creek play should cover the stomach area, or the child should be wearing a shirt that does so. If you have any questions please fill free to email me.

Best regards,

Ki Aja