Joyful Beginnings: August 8-9

We were happy to welcome all of our new and returning students. We are excited to start another journey towards new experiences during the upcoming year. 

We spent a lot of time playing outside. Our goal was to see the donkeys, goats, and chickens. The children fed leaves to the animals. We also visited our garden patch to see what is growing there at the moment. Some of the new students got their first Garden School experience of getting dirty in the mud. Welcome to nature!

As a reminder, please send students in their outdoor shoes to the school, as we will start the day in nature.

Our class received a present basket of pine cones. The children started using them for their play. Pine cones magically transformed into potatoes for cooking. We will continue to use these pine cones for our playtime. At a later time, we may decorate our classroom or use them in our crafts. Thank you for the present!

Next week Ki Ieva will travel to Latvia to visit her sister who is getting married. Ki Holly and Ki Gaby will substitute Ki Ieva. Ki Ieva will be back in a couple weeks!