Second Grade: August 8-9

Welcome back to all our second graders and their families! We had a wonderful start to our school year! The First Assembly went well and the students handled the sitting and listening with grace and ease (I am already proud of them as a class!). We spent time in our classroom, out and about on campus, and in the creek (check those back-packs!). Using the Aesop's fable, A Bundle of Sticks, we touched on how being agreeable with each other makes us stronger as a class. We also conversed together about some basic class expectations. We also did some "potty talk" where we learned (reviewed) how to use our compostable toilet, and we also practiced gulping water (as opposed to tiny sips) periodically to stay hydrated.

Next week, we will delve into a more work-oriented day, reviewing our letter formation and sounds, and numeral formation and recognition. There will be daily fables and activities as well as we relax into our first full week of school.

Please continue to send in those (labeled) water bottles! We re-filled them many times over with the heat, work and fun throughout the days. If you need to chat for any reason you can reach me at my email: and we can set-up a time to connect!

With Gratitude,

Ki Melissa