First Grade: August 19 - 23

Hello first grade families!

Last week we continued to work on our form drawings and exploring the stories of Grimm. The children are enjoying the stories that are being told to them and are progressing at retelling what has happened in the story. I encourage everyone to talk to their child about the stories that are given to them. In addition, much progress is being made in regards to taking their time and concentrating on the task at hand.

The transition from singing the songs in language class to going further in depth in Spanish and Mandarin has been a successful one. Our class has started to do their characters in Mandarin where they are starting to learn how to make the words that they are saying. While it may be difficult at first, everyone worked hard at trying to accomplish the goal of making the characters.

The students are excited to start American Sign Language with Ki Emily this upcoming Friday. They have already had movement class with Ki Emily and are excited to continue their journey with her as they add in another language. They have particularly loved handwork as many of you parents have seen the pom poms they have sent home.


Please take a look at the handbook in regards to lunches and possibly not sending a lot of sugary treats.

Talking about characters has slowed down a bit but it is still coming up throughout the day. Please give gentle reminders that we are not supposed to talk about movies, or shows, while at school.

If you have any questions the best way to reach me is through email.

We are outside a lot and the mosquitoes are still lurking about. While I do carry bug spray, if there is a specific bug spray you would like your child to have you are more then welcome to have them bring it to school.

Thank you,

Ki Aja