Joyful Beginnings: September 9 - 13

The whole week was hot and humid. We joined Kindergarten in their play area in the forest. The forest play area gave us shade to find relief.

We again were visited by Mrs. Marks. The children are enjoying the hour she spends in our classroom, especially when she showed us finger songs.

Our theme this week was bees. We sang songs and listened to the stories about bees. 

In our painting class, we used crayons to draw the outlines and then covered with watercolors to finish the work. Students really enjoyed this technique.

On Wednesday, Landon’s mom was helping throughout the day and we all loved having her here. We all really appreciate her assistance.

We baked gluten-free vegan oatmeal cookies. All students got to work with the cookie dough and shaping them before baking. Everyone was able to try them and some even liked the cookies:) We took cookies to our Kindergarten friends who were sharing their play area with us.

This week, we found a new storytime place. Previously we had a storytime near the garden, but now we are doing it in the Upper grades area in the forest. This will be our special place for story time as we want it to feel special and help the children them focus on the story.