Kindergarten: September 9 - 13

Greetings Forestgarten Families!

This past week was full of fun in the sun for our kindergarteners! We stayed cool in the shade of the forest where students were busy building, climbing, swinging, running, jumping and baking muddy treats.  

On Monday, Ki Amy introduced finger knitting to the students.  Some students were able to come home with beautiful bracelets and necklaces.  We will keep working on this skill over the next few weeks.  On Tuesday, we had fun with hammers and nails.  Students practiced hammering nails into tree stumps.  They were so proud when they were able to hammer the nail all the way in.  Ki Holly offered another botany lesson on Wednesday where students learned to identify parts of a plant. They are learning important information in these lessons. We heard many students singing “Leaves of three let it be, hairy rope touch it nope!” as they skipped through the forest.  On Thursday, Ki Fatima introduced the blending of two colors with watercolors. They mixed red and blue to make beautiful purple paintings! 

Our story this week was about kindness. Jono is a child who likes to play with the other children but he often hurts his friends when he plays and they become upset. One day, a child named Sarah finds a tunnel and she explores it, finding a family of rabbits.  These are special rabbits who talk and wear fancy clothes and drink tea.  They tell Sarah to bring her friends but there is one condition – only the kind can see. Sarah goes to gather her friends and Jono wants to join them.  She tells him what the rabbits said and they leave Jono behind.  He feels sad and begins to think about some of the things he has done.  Ask your child to finish the rest, as there is a very happy ending to Jono’s tale! 

We cannot believe that this week is our last week before fall break.  Time sure does fly when you are having fun! 


Ki Fatima

Ki Holly

Ki Amy