Middle Grades September 9 - 13

We spent a very productive week learning map skills, including the stepping off distances to create a map of our garden at the school, directions from the school to each of the students' respective houses, reading information from a map using grids, and putting together a map of Georgia.

Next week will be filled with everything Georgia - topographical zones, ancient history to more recent history, and Georgian folklore. As part of this block, I would like for each student to choose one of the following famous persons from Georgia and prepare a report about that person. These reports will be due on Friday, October 4.

Famous Georgians in History:  Jimmy Carter, Martin Luther King, Jr., Juliette Gordon Low, Sequoia, John Lewis, Billy Joel Royal, Otis Redding, Jessye Norman, Brenda Lee, the Everly Brothers, Amy Grant, Ray Charles, Flannery O’Connor, Alice Walker, Joanne Woodward, Burt Reynolds, Ty Cobb, Andrew Young

Please let your child do as much of the research as possible on their own. I prefer that they consult the local library for written materials; however, I am aware of the increasing dependency on the web for information. If you use web resources, please have them list the website they used and the date it was accessed. They will need to create a poster about the person, which should include at least one picture (preferably drawn by the child), the most important contribution they made to Georgia, when they lived, where they were born, and some interesting facts about their lives. They will also need to submit an index card including the sources they used for their information, and notes they took for the oral report they will give on the 4th.

A reminder that the second book report is due next Friday, Sept 20. The same list of possible presentations will be available for each report; however, they must choose a different type than they chose in previous book reports. The first round of reports were fabulous!!!! I can't wait to see the next set.

I am really looking forward to seeing you next Thursday evening. I really wanted to have us go out onto the new floating classroom, which we use when we have class outside; however, I'm worried about the fact that if we're all at the meeting we might sink it....... so we'll opt to have out social time at the picnic table and our meeting on the near side of the pond. You might want to use some bug spray - but please remember that I am allergic to DEET.

See you Thursday at 6:30!!!