Kindergarten: September 16 - 20

Greetings Forestgarten Families,

Our kindergarten class enjoyed some cooler temperatures this past week. We had plenty of fun in the forest, and trips to the garden to play, explore, and feed fruit and veggie scraps to the goats and donkeys! We also enjoyed having Ki Emily in our class for a few days.

On Monday and Tuesday the students were able to continue their practice with finger knitting. Some of them were even ready to move to knitting on three or four fingers! We are so excited by how fast the students learn and how much they already enjoy handwork. Wednesday was another botany lesson where we identified and discussed a few leaves we see often in our forest classroom: Virginia Creeper, Kudzu, Grape, and Sycamore. You can talk to your kindergartener about the plants around you when you are outside over break, you may be surprised to see how much they observe! We also learned about spiders and how they tune the strings in their webs to different frequencies. On Thursday Ki Fatima continued painting and blending colors with the students in Privet Pocket, one of our other outdoor classrooms. They love the sweet, gentle experience of color on these days.

The story this week was about Princess Elizabeth, whose castle was burned up and Prince carried away by a fierce dragon. Princess Elizabeth wears the only non-burned item she can find (a brown paper bag), and bravely heads off to find the dragon. Elizabeth finds the dragon, who says he loves to eat princesses but is very tired from destroying a castle already and asks her to come back tomorrow. She cunningly asks the dragon to demonstrate his fire breathing and quick flying skills until he is out of fire and energy, and falls fast asleep. Is Princess Elizabeth able to rescue Prince Ronald? Is he impressed by her bravery? Ask your child to finish the story; they really enjoyed the "trick" ending.

We hope you all enjoy your fall break. We look forward to seeing everyone refreshed next week, when we will have new songs and verses for our morning circle. Please also join us for our first Parent Night of the year on Wednesday, 10/2 from 6:30-7:30pm. If you did not receive an email about this even from our parent representative, Lauren Greener, please contact her at


Ki Fatima

Ki Holly

Ki Amy