Second Grade: September 16 - 20

The second grade class worked had to learn the Saint George and the Dragon poem for our Day of Courage celebration. The worked with their partners at impromptu moments during the school day without being asked as they were so excited about the task ahead. It was really wonderful to see their desire to do well blossoming as a class. Thank you all so very much for jumping in to help make our festival special for the school and our class! They did a fantastic job!

During our Saint George block, we heard several versions of the story of Saint George and the Dragon, as well as various poems. The students copied and illustrated a poem and some children even created poems of their own. We will continue to work on language skills (and some poetry) after fall break as we learn about Saint Francis. We also learned about "r-controlled" vowels such a "er", also known as "bossy-r" as we worked on our poem. Many phonics lessons are brought in through copy work, as well as learning sentence structure. Overall, the students are really showing wonderful penmanship skills too!

In math, we have been reviewing fact families and numeral formation as well as counting by threes and memorizing our fives times table. As your child writes letters or numbers at home, please remind them they all go top to bottom (or heaven to earth, sky to ground, or any such pictorial phrasing as you can think of). Formation in this manner makes writing less laborious and also helps immensely as we move into beginning cursive next semester. Our weekly form drawing lessons on Fridays also are directly tied to proper letter formation and to beginning cursive instruction.

Please enjoy your Fall Break! When we return, we will start with our class curriculum night Monday, September 30th from 6:30-7:30. This is an adult-only time where we will look more deeply into our year ahead, and to answer any questions you may have about what is happening in second grade. See you there!

With gratitude,