Upper Grades: September 16 - 20

Time sensitive: The Garden School has been invited to lead the worship service at Emerson next Sunday, 9/29. Sara Walsh will be presenting the sermon and Ki Kathee will be leading the music programming. Kathee has requested that any of our students that are available attend and play ukelele during the offering. Please let Kathee know if your student can attend: kathee@thegardenmarietta.org

Last week in the Upper Grades class, we had a quick math block where we spent the first part of the week reviewing fractions. We then moved into new concepts in statistics and probability that were a progression from analyzing data collected in our Physics block. We closed out our Physics block with a graded unit test which is a new experience for many of the students. We practiced taking written notes and outlining throughout the Physics block, and their test results showed good comprehension of the concepts we covered throughout the block. I will continue to guide them in note taking and give tests on block material throughout the year as we work to continually hone skills they will need in high school.

The students finished reading Stella by Starlight, a story of racial strife in depression era rural North Carolina. We wrapped up our book discussion of The Lions of Little Rock. The students created an alpana last week after learning about the Bangladeshi style of painting in their reading of Rickshaw Girl. I assigned The Breadwinner for the students to read over the break. It's a short book about life under Taliban rule in Afghanistan. We are reading books quickly and covering a wide range of topics through the novels I've selected. I'm not assigning written book reports for every book we read, so we are exploring themes through discussion and other activities as well.

Last week in class, we read In Search of a Homeland, a retelling of "The Aeneid" which will set us up for another writing assignment and serve to transition from our studies of Ancient Greece at the end of last year and into the founding of Rome which will begin when we return from fall break. The students began memorizing the opening passage from "The Aeneid" in Latin. They will be performing the first 11 lines in both Latin and English at our first Friday event on October 4. Please remind them to practice over the break. This link has the pronunciation of the Latin to help them accomplish the memory work. The section they will need to listen to starts at 1:15 and ends at 2:35: https://youtu.be/orzrnEzKbaE .

I hope you enjoy fall break and let me know if you have any questions!