First Grade: August 26 - 30

Hello first grade families!

I am excited to state that we have finished up our first block of form drawing. The children always showed excitement when they saw the form being drawn. They would work hard at making those forms and would become excited when they were able to show their other classmates. They enjoyed listening to stories about princes and princesses, three brothers on a journey to rescue their father, and a tailor boy who killed giants and became a king.

This upcoming week we will be starting our language arts block. We will not only be going over the sounds of the letters, we will be starting to form each sound to make the words that we use everyday. I will be bringing these letters with more stories and more pictures that will capture each child's interest and assist them with developing those skills they will need to someday become an avid reader.

The children continue to enjoy their special classes. Adding music to our curriculum has proven to be a positive move. The children are enjoying the songs that they are learning, and will, at times, start singing one in particular in unison.


Half day on Friday and first Friday assembly.

Please remember to bring a change of clothes each day. Even though we may not necessarily be going to the creek there are many times when we will be outside while it is raining or where there is mud.
Thank you,

Ki Aja