Joyful Beginnings: August 26 - 30

This week students explored the campus. Each school day we took a different path in our outside area.

The start of the week brought a cooler mornings. On Monday, we stayed back in our small playground near the school. The students were happy to for the opportunity to play in the sandbox.

On Wednesday, the weather had improved and we went to the large playground. Our path lead down small but steep hill. For our younger kids, this was a nice challenge where the teachers could assist them based on their abilities.

We will try having Wednesdays as our baking days. We made tortilla breads. The students got to mix the ingredients and shape the dough for the tortillas. Then they were able to taste the baked goods alongside our snack. Thank you to the parent volunteers for our snacks. It was so colorful and we love exploring the variety of colors in our fruit and vegetables! 

On Friday, we went to our garden patch. The teachers gathered jalapeno peppers that were ripe, and we got to feed the donkey and goats. We also enjoyed the many butterflies that were flittering around the garden flowers.

On Friday, we also had a story time. The children listened to a story about ants, and an ant poem. Then we accompanied the poem with musical instruments. Everyone had rhythm sticks to keep the story going.

We welcomed back Ki Ieva to our class. 

We had a visitor this week! Mrs. Marks is a teacher and author of several books on parenting and making connections with children. She spent an hour in our classroom. We very much enjoyed playing and singing songs with her.