Kindergarten: August 26 - 30

Greetings Forestgarten Families!

Adventures abounded this past week in the forest, garden, and our classroom!  

We enjoyed a taste of fall with cooler mornings, which allowed us to venture to the garden and spend some time with our animal friends.  We fed some treats to the donkeys, goats, and chickens.  We picked kudzu for them as well and the children enjoyed watching the animals feast! 

Ki Holly offered a botany lesson and the students loved it! She was brave enough to pick some poison ivy to show the students how to identify it.  The children were very attentive and had lots of poignant questions throughout the lesson.  

We made birdfeeders this week with pine cones, peanut butter, and compost from our trail mix snack.  The students each chose a special spot for their birdfeeder and we checked on them the next day.  They were excited to see that the birds had eaten everything! 

Our story this week was The Little Red Hen.  She was a busy hen, working hard to plant, sow, and harvest wheat.  She then milled it into flour and baked delicious bread.  At each step, she asked her friends for help but they were always too busy. Once they smelled the bread though, they yearned to eat some of it.  See if your Forestgartener can fill in the rest! 

We have been enjoying our afternoons in the classroom where the children are engaging in very different, yet equally creative play as compared to their outdoor adventures.  They played with silks, stuffed animals, dolls, blocks, and modeling clay.  We love to see the intricate, imaginary worlds they create with the beautiful, yet simple, materials in our classroom. 

We are looking forward to another wonderful week ahead! 


Ki Fatima,

Ki Holly

Ki Amy