Kindergarten: September 3 - 6

Greetings Forestgarten Families!

We started off this past week by celebrating sweet Hadleigh’s fifth birthday.  Her mom and dad shared memories from when Hadleigh was a baby and friends shared wishes for Hadleigh’s fifth year.  We then enjoyed a sweet treat of fruit and yogurt.  Happy Birthday, Hadleigh!

The children sanded wood pieces, learned about poison choke berries, and painted beautiful watercolor paintings, combining two colors this week to create exquisite works of art!

All of the children are progressing well in foreign language.  It is exciting to see how amazing their memories are in both Spanish and Mandarin.  In Spanish, the children are singing a fun song about a rooster and in Mandarin they are playing a color game where they walk in a circle and someone gets captured under the bridge. 

The story this week was called The Little Red House. A boy, bored with his toys, is sent by his mother to go find a little red house with no windows and no doors and a star inside.  He goes outside and meets a little girl, a farmer, and a grandmother who ultimately points him in the direction of Brother Wind.  Does Brother Wind help him find this mysterious little house?  Ask your Forestgartner and you will see! 

We were so impressed with the children’s performance of Peace is Flowing like a River at our first First Friday Assembly of the year.  They all did a wonderful job and they were very excited to perform for their grown-ups!


Ki Fatima

Ki Holly

Ki Amy