Middle Grades: September 30 - October 4

I hope that everyone has recovered from the field trip. I was so proud of all of the students with their eagerness to learn, their courage to hold snakes, pet alligators, and walk six miles! If you haven't gotten a recap of their trip, please ask for one. Everyone seems to have had a good time.

The staff at Driftwood were knowledgeable and creative in the way they taught the students. Hats off to Justin Dewillers and Priscila Benson for being great chaperones!

This week we will be continuing our exploration of Georgia, which will include our Famous Georgia reports. Reminder - those are due tomorrow! Because of our field trip, Fall Break, and the Famous Georgia reports being due tomorrow, I have adjusted the due date for our next book report. The next book report will be due on Thursday, October 17.

From here on out the book reports will be due on Thursdays, and will hopefully be due every other Thursday. If your child wants to do a book report on a book they have at home, please first check to see if the book is on the list I provided. If not, I'd like to have a heads up on what your child is reading for the report so that I can read it first. I want to make sure that the book report will encourage other students to read the book, and I need to make sure that the reading levels are within our range. This is only for book reports.... other reading is free range!!

Have a wonderful week. If you haven't signed up to volunteer at Kingdom of Halloween, please be sure you do that. Several of you still need to sign up for a conference. If you did not get the Sign Up Genius info, please email me privately and I will send it again.

Middle Grades: September 16 - 20

I know you are having a good week of rest before the students go off on their field trip. I’m getting very excited!! Don’t forget to work on the Famous Georgians reports that are due Friday, October 5.

If you have any questions about the trip, feel free to call or text - 770-654-7878.

Middle Grades September 9 - 13

We spent a very productive week learning map skills, including the stepping off distances to create a map of our garden at the school, directions from the school to each of the students' respective houses, reading information from a map using grids, and putting together a map of Georgia.

Next week will be filled with everything Georgia - topographical zones, ancient history to more recent history, and Georgian folklore. As part of this block, I would like for each student to choose one of the following famous persons from Georgia and prepare a report about that person. These reports will be due on Friday, October 4.

Famous Georgians in History:  Jimmy Carter, Martin Luther King, Jr., Juliette Gordon Low, Sequoia, John Lewis, Billy Joel Royal, Otis Redding, Jessye Norman, Brenda Lee, the Everly Brothers, Amy Grant, Ray Charles, Flannery O’Connor, Alice Walker, Joanne Woodward, Burt Reynolds, Ty Cobb, Andrew Young

Please let your child do as much of the research as possible on their own. I prefer that they consult the local library for written materials; however, I am aware of the increasing dependency on the web for information. If you use web resources, please have them list the website they used and the date it was accessed. They will need to create a poster about the person, which should include at least one picture (preferably drawn by the child), the most important contribution they made to Georgia, when they lived, where they were born, and some interesting facts about their lives. They will also need to submit an index card including the sources they used for their information, and notes they took for the oral report they will give on the 4th.

A reminder that the second book report is due next Friday, Sept 20. The same list of possible presentations will be available for each report; however, they must choose a different type than they chose in previous book reports. The first round of reports were fabulous!!!! I can't wait to see the next set.

I am really looking forward to seeing you next Thursday evening. I really wanted to have us go out onto the new floating classroom, which we use when we have class outside; however, I'm worried about the fact that if we're all at the meeting we might sink it....... so we'll opt to have out social time at the picnic table and our meeting on the near side of the pond. You might want to use some bug spray - but please remember that I am allergic to DEET.

See you Thursday at 6:30!!!



Middle Grades: September 3 - 6

Hello Middle Grade Families,

I have sent you all several emails in the past few days, so please refer to those for the important news for our class!


Ki Kathee

Middle Grades: August 26 - 30

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday weekend. This will be the last week of our math block, but not the end of math. We will do a math worksheet every day to keep all of the new skills at the forefront and fresh. Book reports are due on Friday. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or text me (770) 654-7878 or email me.

Don’t forget to help your child to remember to bring violins and recorders on Monday and Wednesday.

Have a great week. I hope to see you Friday at the Assembly.

Middle Grades: August 19 - 23

We spent three lovely mornings this week on the new floating classroom. As we continued our math block, the students measured different things - their arm from shoulder to the end of the middle finger, the length of their shoes, and how far each student jumped from one designated spot. Then we took those numbers, added them up, estimated what the average length was, and then divided the total by the number students to find the true average. I demonstrated and they copied a long division problem. Two of the days, like magic, the average was an even number. The last day we measured, there was a remainder, so I had the opportunity to show them how a remainder worked. We will continue to do problems like this every day this week, and then once or twice a week until they answer my questions before I ask them, and then I will begin to give them division problems to solve on their own. We have also been doing preparatory work to get ready for fractions, which will be our next math block.

We continue to do form drawing exercises that will get everyone ready for cursive, which we will begin in a couple of weeks. The spelling test will be on Tuesday from now on. Please help your child practice these words. More than 50% of them made 100% on the quiz last Tuesday!!

There was a lesson in dictionary orientation this week. Soon the students will be looking up the definitions of their spelling words each week and writing a sentence using each word.

This week we had a class in modeling clay. Most of the students finished their first needlepoint project - a bookmark, and in music class we had a guest trombonist talk about the brass family of instruments and then play several pieces. We are learning a quodlibet, which is a song that has multiple melodies that sound good together, so that when we have it performance ready, the music class will be singing in four part harmony! Next week we will be making a glass harmonica and learning to play a melody or two on it. If your child has a recorder, please send it to school. We will begin playing the recorder and a variety of other instruments by next week. I have been collecting Aulos and Angel recorders this summer, so I think I have enough recorders for everyone, but if your child does not have one at home, you might want to consider giving them one for a birthday or holiday gift. The Angel and Aulos brands are inexpensive and have a beautiful tone. Yamaha recorders are good quality also. Those who are continuing to take violin lessons should bring their violins on Wednesday of this week, and then on Monday and Wednesday going forward into the semester.

You will be receiving an email tomorrow with the details of our first field trip of the year, which is a two-night overnight on St. Simons Island at the Driftwood learning center. This trip will be September 30-October 2, and is part of our block on local geography. It will be such a great experience for them, and for me. I'm really looking forward to it.

There will be another email coming soon about book reports. Each child has chosen a book to read. There will be several options for book reports this year, and they can choose from the many options which one they think best fits the book they are reading. I am trying to get into a rhythm of their reading a new book and doing a report once every two weeks.

Many thanks to the Bensons for painting our bulletin board and helping to sew the table covers and donating several lamps for the room. It's beginning to look nice and cozy!!

Have a great week.

Middle Grades: August 12 - 16

We had a great week: new handwork project, music listening to identify the instruments of the orchestra, 1st steps to writing poetry, lots of math review, including a project today to discover all of the prime numbers up to 100, form drawing prep for cursive writing, silent reading, taking a verb from past to present to (to be) plus gerund and then writing sentences with each word, feeding chickens, leaf identification, braiding with embroidery thread, and creek exploration.

Next week will be even more packed. We will be moving to our outdoor classroom - the new floating classroom, so please be sure each child has their sunscreen, water bottle, and DEET-free bug spray. Our plan is to go straight to the classroom after we do our farm chores and stay until right before foreign language. Check to make sure the ponchos are in backpacks, in case we have a sudden shower. There will be a spelling test on Tuesday, and each child will be asked to recite the 7s multiplication tables up to 12 by the end of the week. We will be painting and drawing in addition to our other activities, and we’ll hopefully have our first ASL lesson.

Have a great week yourselves, and don’t forget to read with your child EVERY DAY!!!!!

Middle Grades: August 8-9

It has been a great two days getting reacquainted and sharing what we did over the summer break. We did form drawing that will prepare the students for learning cursive, and reviewed some math facts. We made individual jump ropes to jump the goal of 200 jumps each morning. We made two trips to the garden and made lists of chores to begin on Monday.

Several students forget shoes for the water, and I haven’t seen any ponchos from everyone yet. Please make sure students are prepared on Monday!

Middle Grades: May 13 - 16

We ended our year with a great week. Field Day was filled with fun activities, and as the students finished up their main lesson books and gathered everything they needed to take home, I was reminded of how

much they have grown this year, not only physically, but academically and socially. They have worked as a team this Spring to create a lovely garden patch. 

I would like to thank Holly Hollister for being our class parent this year. It has been nice to be able to ask her to set up things, make phone calls, and chaperone one of our field trips, and post things on Bloomz as needed. Many thanks, Holly!!

Many thanks to Priscila Benson for being our class parent for 2019-2020.  You will be hearing from her over the summer. 

Soon you will receive an email from me with suggestions for summer study. The reading list I send will be specific to your child. All of them would benefit from reciting the multiplication tables and doing practice problems in math, just in case anyone wanted to get a head start😊. 

I hope you have a great summer. Maybe you can join me in the garden a couple of times. Keep your eyes open for announcements about gatherings. We might have a couple of new faces to greet. 

And thanks again for sharing your children with me!!

Blessings, Kathee

Middle Grades: May 6 - 10

My heart is filled with gratitude for the wonderful gifts I received during Teacher Appreciation Week.  Thank you all.  The greatest gift you have given me this year is sharing your children with me.  I learn from them every day, and their smiles, their songs, their enthusiasm for life is so heartwarming and sustaining.  

Field Day is Wednesday from 10 to 12.  If you can come and volunteer, please do. We hope to have a very fun morning with an all school activity which will go much more smoothly if we have parent helpers!!

Middle Grades: April 29 - May 1

Tomorrow is our field trip!!  Thanks to Teresa Kros for driving and chaperoning. Each child will need a water bottle, a snack, a lunch, sunscreen, bug spray, and a change of clothes. We will be gone all day. In the morning there will be a workshop on Pioneer Skills, and in the afternoon we will be attending a workshop on Survival Skills, including the building of a shelter. Our programming ends at 2:30, so I anticipate that we will be back to the school NLT 3:30.  If there is a reason we will be late, I’ll post it on Bloomz. If there is anything we need to know about dietary/activity restrictions, please send me an email or text as soon as you read this. The rest of the week will be spent in finishing all of our projects and class work, and working to assemble our main lesson books. 

Have a great week!!!!

Middle Grades: April 22 - 26

I was SO proud of the students and what they were able to accomplish during the play block.  I hope you enjoyed the evening.

Coming up this week is a performance at the Grand Friends Day celebration.  You should have all gotten a message on Bloomz about the attire for Friday.  We will be doing a Maypole dance, the string ensemble will be performing several pieces, and our class will do a recitation and a song.  The celebration is always great fun, and I hope you can come and bring a grandparent or grand friend.

This week in Main Lesson we will be finishing several projects outside and working hard on the four math operations.  There will be some spelling, reading, writing, and grammar too.  I am looking forward to getting back into our usual rhythm by visiting the garden first thing in the morning.  It's the time of year when every student should have 3 things with them at all times - sunscreen, bug spray, and water.  Please make sure your child has all of those in their backpack.  And, because it will be very hot this week, they will need a change of clothes every day, and boots or immersible shoes, just in case we need a quick cool off in the creek.

Have a great week!

Only 13 more days of school???

Middle Grades: April 15 - 19

For the Middle Grades, this week is all about play prep!  I look forward to seeing you Thursday at 6:30 ( the students need to be here at 5:45) for an Amazing experience. 

Middle Grades: April 8 - 12

Good day, parents of Middle Grades students.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars to attend our class play in Thursday, April 25, at 6:30 pm. Things are going great, and we are all getting excited about the outcome of all our effort. I’m also getting excited about our field trip to Red Top Mountain on May 7.  We will be gone all day, and the two programs we are participating in are awesome. Looking ahead, we have Grandfriends Day on Friday, May 1 at 11:00.  The Middle Grades students will be participating in the Maypole dance, presenting a poem and song, and playing with the Strings Ensemble. They will need to wear predominantly white, khaki, pastel shades that day. No jeans and preferably no t-shirts - polos, button-up, with khaki shorts/pants/skirts or dresses. 

Have a great week. If you celebrate Passover or Easter, I hope your celebrations will be filled with love and laughter. 

Middle Grades: March 25 - 29

Welcome back. I hope everyone had a safe and restful Spring Break. We are well into our play block. Mark your calendars for Thursday, April 25, 6:30.  The Lower and Middle Grades will be telling the story of Joseph and his brothers. I hope to see everyone Saturday at the Springtide Festival. 

Have a great week!!

Middle Grades: March 18 - 22

This week we will begin the new block for the Spring Play, which will be presented on Thursday, April 25, at 6:30 p m .  We will also be concentrating on math functions and will try once more to finish our bricks. Tomorrow we are dying fabric with mud, which we will use for the costumes of the 11 brothers of Joseph. If you sew, and can help sew them, please contact me. They will be ready to sew by the end of the week, and we will need them by April 20th.   The spelling list is shorter than usual, but we will still have the quiz on Monday when we return. 

Have a wonderful Spring Break!!

Middle Grades: March 11 - 15

The rain is giving us a break!!!!!

We did not have the opportunity to do the Celtic fairy tale block last week, so we will be doing that this week along with chores in the garden and continuing to work on our brick making.  There will also be a lot of math practice.  Since the prediction is that we will have no rain, most of our mornings will be spent outside, so please help your children make wise decisions about what to wear.  There will still be a lot of mud, so boots or washable shoes are a plus.

Have a great week!

Middle Grades: Feb 25 - March 1

Today was the day we started a new block - gardening!!  We will be postponing the planting for at least a few days - the ground may be frozen in the morning; however, the plan is to be outside and in the garden all morning every day for the next two weeks, so please make sure your child is dressed in layers, and in clothes that will stand getting dirty.  The temperature will be extremely cold for the next two days, so it is imperative that they have hats and gloves.  I was absent today, so I haven't seen the spelling tests, but if there are a lot of misspelled words, I will add them to the test this week and ask all students to spell them again. If you want to come help int he garden, please let me know you are coming.  There are many tasks, and it would be fun to have some of you joining us!

Have a good week!

Middle Grades: Feb 11 - 15

Welcome back!!  I hope everyone had a good week off.  I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing about the dwellings projects as they come in starting today.  This week we will finish up our look at the types of dwellings that are found around the world with the oral reports for each student's project, and if the weather cooperates we'll begin our construction projects outdoors, beginning with brick making.

Other things we will do this week:  plant some seeds in our garden space, work on the 7's, 8's, and 9's multiplication tables, learn the first song in our play production and discuss how to make the costumes, get new spelling words, and more.

Have a great week.