Kindergarten: September 9 - 13

Greetings Forestgarten Families!

This past week was full of fun in the sun for our kindergarteners! We stayed cool in the shade of the forest where students were busy building, climbing, swinging, running, jumping and baking muddy treats.  

On Monday, Ki Amy introduced finger knitting to the students.  Some students were able to come home with beautiful bracelets and necklaces.  We will keep working on this skill over the next few weeks.  On Tuesday, we had fun with hammers and nails.  Students practiced hammering nails into tree stumps.  They were so proud when they were able to hammer the nail all the way in.  Ki Holly offered another botany lesson on Wednesday where students learned to identify parts of a plant. They are learning important information in these lessons. We heard many students singing “Leaves of three let it be, hairy rope touch it nope!” as they skipped through the forest.  On Thursday, Ki Fatima introduced the blending of two colors with watercolors. They mixed red and blue to make beautiful purple paintings! 

Our story this week was about kindness. Jono is a child who likes to play with the other children but he often hurts his friends when he plays and they become upset. One day, a child named Sarah finds a tunnel and she explores it, finding a family of rabbits.  These are special rabbits who talk and wear fancy clothes and drink tea.  They tell Sarah to bring her friends but there is one condition – only the kind can see. Sarah goes to gather her friends and Jono wants to join them.  She tells him what the rabbits said and they leave Jono behind.  He feels sad and begins to think about some of the things he has done.  Ask your child to finish the rest, as there is a very happy ending to Jono’s tale! 

We cannot believe that this week is our last week before fall break.  Time sure does fly when you are having fun! 


Ki Fatima

Ki Holly

Ki Amy 

Kindergarten: September 3 - 6

Greetings Forestgarten Families!

We started off this past week by celebrating sweet Hadleigh’s fifth birthday.  Her mom and dad shared memories from when Hadleigh was a baby and friends shared wishes for Hadleigh’s fifth year.  We then enjoyed a sweet treat of fruit and yogurt.  Happy Birthday, Hadleigh!

The children sanded wood pieces, learned about poison choke berries, and painted beautiful watercolor paintings, combining two colors this week to create exquisite works of art!

All of the children are progressing well in foreign language.  It is exciting to see how amazing their memories are in both Spanish and Mandarin.  In Spanish, the children are singing a fun song about a rooster and in Mandarin they are playing a color game where they walk in a circle and someone gets captured under the bridge. 

The story this week was called The Little Red House. A boy, bored with his toys, is sent by his mother to go find a little red house with no windows and no doors and a star inside.  He goes outside and meets a little girl, a farmer, and a grandmother who ultimately points him in the direction of Brother Wind.  Does Brother Wind help him find this mysterious little house?  Ask your Forestgartner and you will see! 

We were so impressed with the children’s performance of Peace is Flowing like a River at our first First Friday Assembly of the year.  They all did a wonderful job and they were very excited to perform for their grown-ups!


Ki Fatima

Ki Holly

Ki Amy 

Kindergarten: August 26 - 30

Greetings Forestgarten Families!

Adventures abounded this past week in the forest, garden, and our classroom!  

We enjoyed a taste of fall with cooler mornings, which allowed us to venture to the garden and spend some time with our animal friends.  We fed some treats to the donkeys, goats, and chickens.  We picked kudzu for them as well and the children enjoyed watching the animals feast! 

Ki Holly offered a botany lesson and the students loved it! She was brave enough to pick some poison ivy to show the students how to identify it.  The children were very attentive and had lots of poignant questions throughout the lesson.  

We made birdfeeders this week with pine cones, peanut butter, and compost from our trail mix snack.  The students each chose a special spot for their birdfeeder and we checked on them the next day.  They were excited to see that the birds had eaten everything! 

Our story this week was The Little Red Hen.  She was a busy hen, working hard to plant, sow, and harvest wheat.  She then milled it into flour and baked delicious bread.  At each step, she asked her friends for help but they were always too busy. Once they smelled the bread though, they yearned to eat some of it.  See if your Forestgartener can fill in the rest! 

We have been enjoying our afternoons in the classroom where the children are engaging in very different, yet equally creative play as compared to their outdoor adventures.  They played with silks, stuffed animals, dolls, blocks, and modeling clay.  We love to see the intricate, imaginary worlds they create with the beautiful, yet simple, materials in our classroom. 

We are looking forward to another wonderful week ahead! 


Ki Fatima,

Ki Holly

Ki Amy 

Kindergarten: August 19 - 23

Greetings Forestgarten Families!

Happy adventures filled our week as we began to settle into our daily rhythms. 

We celebrated our first birthday of the school year for dear Maya, who turned five years old.  We enjoyed hearing memories from when Maya was a baby and everyone (teachers included!) were thankful for the yummy ice pops that she shared.  They were a perfect treat for a hot summer morning! 

Although bittersweet for our community, we celebrated sweet Valkyra’s upcoming adventures as she and her family move from Georgia and head to Vermont.  She shared popcorn with everyone during snack on Friday and we wished her well and gave lots of hugs.  

The students are really enjoying the daily activities that are offered in the forest each day. Painting with Ki Fatima is one of their favorites and this week they went on an adventure with the color red.

Story time took us to Smush the ant’s kingdom.  The ants needed food and Smush came to the rescue.  It was not easy, but he met other kind creatures along the way and in the end he saved the day. We observed the children viewing our own ant friends a bit differently after hearing this story, realizing that the tiniest of creatures are capable of strong and powerful feats!

We are looking ahead to another fantastic week with our lovely class! 


Ki Fatima

Ki Holly

Ki Amy 

Kindergarten: August 12 - 16

Greetings Forestgarten Families!

Our first week has been full of wonderful adventures!  Despite the heat wave, we have stayed cool and comfortable in the forest, which is mostly shade covered, and playing in the creek has certainly helped as well! 

It was delightful to watch the children splash and play blissfully in the cool, crisp creek water. They found snails and a baby salamander, played on the slide with buckets of water, and built beautiful and creative sand structures.  

During our main lesson, where children are offered the opportunity to participate in a practical or creative task or activity, we observed many of the students hard at work, or hard at play, as we like to say :)  Some of our activities included rolling yarn into balls, sanding sticks found in the forest and watercolor painting.  

The children were excited to see Ki Cerina and Ki Paulyna for Mandarin and Spanish.  We will soon begin American Sign Language as well with Ki Emily.  The new students jumped right into the lessons, while our returning students remembered many of the songs and vocabulary from last year.  

Our story this week was called Deep in the Forest.  It was about a bear named Bernie and was very similar to a fairy tale that we all know very well.  Bernie is a curious bear who strays from his family and stumbles into some fun and not-so-fun adventures before returning to the safety of his mother’s arms.  Ask your Forestgartener to fill in the details! 

After lunch we move inside each day for rest time, which starts with a mindfulness meditation to help the students calm and relax their bodies.  After the meditation, the students are read to quietly for a few minutes as they lay on their rest mats.  Midway through the rest hour, a simple, quiet activity is offered at the classroom table for students who are still awake and want to participate.  We spent this past week cleaning our block crayons, rolling beeswax candles, and coloring.  After resting, the children played in the classroom to escape the hot afternoon sun before returning outside to the playground for closing circle and pick-up.

A few reminders: 

·     Pack a large, full bottle of water each day. We refill water bottles as necessary but it is helpful for the students to come prepared with a significant supply.  

·     Please send your child prepared to play in the creek.  If they wish to wear a bathing suit under their clothing, that is fine; however, bathing suits are not required as long as students have an extra pair of dry clothes.  It helps our morning to run more smoothly if students do not need to change into their bathing suit upon arriving at school, as we go into the creek around 9:30am. If your child does wish to wear a bathing suit, please be mindful that it should cover the entire torso area. ** If there has been a rain storm the previous night, we will not play in the creek the following day due to rising water levels and run off.  

·     Include all needed utensils in your child’s lunch box

·     A wet bag or grocery sack is very helpful to store wet, muddy clothes in your child’s backpack 

Thank you for sharing your child with us.  We are so very excited for all of the adventures that lie ahead this year! As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


Ki Fatima

Ki Holly

Ki Amy 

Kindergarten: August 8-9

Greetings Forestgarten Families!

 It was so wonderful to see all the children back at school this week!  The forest was filled with smiling faces and joyful giggles as the students played in the mud, swung from the rope swing, and enjoyed each other’s company.  We enjoyed a story from Ki Holly and munched on whole carrots and celery.  We are looking forward to many fun filled days ahead this year!

A few reminders:

Please pack all of your child’s belongings in one bag if possible.  This will be easier for them to manage as we trek between the picnic tables and the forest.  

Please remember to send a water bottle each day and a change of clothes, along with shoes that are comfortable for creek play.  

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to us via email or catch us on the playground before and after school.


Ki Fatima

Ki Holly 

Ki Amy 

Mountaingarten: May 13 - 16

Final Greetings of the school year dear Mountaingarten families! 

We look back and can't believe how fast this school year has gone by! It has been a true joy spending time and exploring the world with each of your children! Thank you for this wonderful, nurturing gift. Looking back at the school year, we had a lot of changes and it was chaotic at times, but ultimately we are so happy with how our year developed and how our children have grown! 

The last week of school was filled with joyous events. We were able to celebrate two birthdays with Meadowgarten, it was a real timely treat! On Thursday, the children had a blast at field day. We thank the teachers who helped organize this event! There was a good sense of teamwork and comradery as each team rooted for their teammates! The highlight of the event was definitely the hamster ball, it was funny to see each of the children's reactions as they got to spend time in that big bubble! 

We had a lot of laughs in the forest as Ki Holly shared a story called "The Book with No Pictures." If you're looking for a silly story that will bring about lots of laughter, this is the one! 

We wish you all a wonderful, safe, adventurous, and wholesome summer with friends and family. We look forward to seeing you back in August, and for those who are parting ways, we will miss your child's presence so much but wish him/her beautiful success in the future! Take care families! 

With Love & Gratitude,

Ki Fatima & Ki Aja

Meadowgarten: May 13 - 16

Dear Meadowgarten Families,

We cannot believe that the 2018-2019 school year has come to a close.  This past week was bittersweet for us as we smiled and laughed with the children one last time before summer vacation.  We feel so fortunate to have led the Meadowgarten this year and we are looking forward to another wonderful year next year.

We celebrated three birthdays in the Meadowgarten this past week; Christopher, Kennedy and Huck.  Thank you to each of their families for providing beautiful memories and sweet treats!

The children played in the creek throughout the week. They splashed, waded, searched for special crystals and collected snails.  Ki Kathee’s class joined us at the creek on Thursday for our final dip!

The children had a wonderful time on Wednesday at Field Day.  A huge thank you goes out to Ki Kathee for organizing the day! The teams were mixed ages and the older students were extremely supportive of their kindergarten teammates.  Everyone cheered for everyone, in true Garden School style.  The obstacle course through the forest and creek was special, as the goal was to help every teammate reach the finish line.  The favorite event was the Hamster Ball!  Ki Jas and Ki Christine (Lounes and Ezra’s mom!) operated the Hamster Ball at Home School Beach for several hours.  The children were giddy as they rolled around the creek like cute little hamsters! 

We had a very special story and snack this week.  Ki Holly read The Book With No Pictures, which forces the reader to say very silly and goofy things.  The children laughed and cheered and begged for more when it over.  Ki Holly generously baked three types of bread for our last snack on Thursday.  She made Vegan French Bread, Vegan and Gluten Free Banana Bread, and Vegan and Gluten Free/Rice Free Corn Bread.  She took care to meet the dietary needs of all of our students so that everyone could enjoy bread together.  The French bread was coined “Ki Holly’s Famous Bread” by our very own Annabelle. This is the bread that Ki Holly made for us each week and the recipe is included below!

We cannot thank you enough for entrusting your children to our care.  We are so proud of each and every child and we feel honored to have witnessed their growth through the seasons.  We are excited to be a part of many of the students’ continued growth journey this fall!  

 Thank you again for the thoughtful gifts and kind words we received as the year closed.  We could not ask for a more loving school family! 


Ki Amy and Ki Holly 

Ki Holly’s Famous Vegan French Bread


1 1/2 cups warm water (baby bath temp)

1 Tablespoon agave

1 1/2 teaspoons salt

1 Tablespoon active dry yeast

3 1/2-4 1/2 cups flour


Combine water, agave, salt & yeast and let sit 5-10 minutes until foamy on top. Knead in flour until no longer sticky and mold into a loaf by hand on greased baking sheet. Cover with a towel and let sit 20 minutes. Meanwhile, preheat oven to 400. Cut slits in top of loaf and bake 20 minutes.

Mountaingarten: May 6 - 10

This past week was an exciting one as we are starting to end our school year. The children were able to go inside of the chicken coop, and they rescued a chipmunk from the chicken coop as well. The children helped build a bamboo structure on the playground. 

In Mandarin the children counted to 100 and in Spanish the children started to form sentences by telling how old they were.

The children went to the kindy beach where they built sandcastles, swung off the rope, and played in the water. They even found a floating raspberry. The turtles were sunbathing and all the kids got to enjoy watching them as they jumped in and out of the water. 

The energy is high as we approach the end of the school year. We will continue to go to the creek until the last day of school, so please remember water shoes and extra clothes. Also, this Wednesday is our field day. Please ensure that your child has a water bottle and the proper attire. 

Thank you, 

Ki Aja and Ki Fatima 

Meadowgarten: May 6 - 10

Greetings Meadowgarten Families!

This past week was full of fun in the sun!  The children were so excited to play in the creek.  There they enjoyed the rope swing, wading from one side to the other, skipping stones, and building sandcastles.  Smiles and laughs were abundant! 

In light of the warmer weather, we skipped some of our warm snacks in favor of fresh fruits and veggies and popcorn. During snack, the students heard the story of The Little Red Hen. The hen lived on a beautiful farm with many wonderful friends.  The hen was a very industrious worker but when he appealed to his friends for help planting, watering and harvesting the wheat, they were always too busy to help. Once the wheat was milled into the flour, the hen set out to bake some delicious bread.  See if your Meadowgartener can finish the story for you! 

 We celebrated Van’s half birthday on Friday.  The children love hearing Ki Holly tell the birthday story.  Although familiar, it is exciting and new each time it is told for a different child.  The students enjoyed hearing memories of Van as a baby.  Thank you to Van’s family for the fruit, whipped cream and muffins!

Thank you! Thank You! Thank you! We are so very appreciative of all of the kind words and beautiful gifts we received throughout the week for Teacher Appreciation Week.  Each day in the Meadowgarten is a gift.  We are so thankful for the time we have been afforded with each and every child.  We feel so honored to be their teachers! 

We are already feeling nostalgic about this past year but we are geared up for one more week in the Meadowgarten.  Please remember sunscreen, bug spray, water shoes, and a change of clothes!  Also, a wet bag or grocery sack is very helpful for clothing soaked from creek play! 

Lastly, we will have Field Day on Wednesday starting first thing in the morning!  Please send your child in their bathing suit or other clothing that is comfortable to get wet in.  


Ki Amy and Ki Holly 

Mountaingarten: April 29-May 1

Dear Mountaingarten families,

Last week was a very eventful one! Thank you to all who helped prepare for our Grandfriends day and thank you to everyone who was able to show up- the turn out was so wonderful. We were very proud of our kindergarten and Golden Knights! Everyone did so well. 

Our children enjoyed preparing the treats for all our visitors too. They helped wash and shred the lettuce, chop the strawberries, and roll the cheese into little balls.

We also celebrated our dear Charlotte’s fifth birthday! Thank you Ki Amy for the delicious treats. 

We’ve been spending a lot more time at Kindy beach as well, it is so refreshing during these hot days! We also got to see the chicks in their new home in the garden. They seem very happy in their new coop! 

In the forest, we enjoyed a delicious watermelon and afterwards Levi’s mom Priscilla took everyone’s photos. Thank you Priscilla! 

We’ve had the wonderful and helpful company of Ki Kate in Mountaingarten as Ki Aja has been substituting for lower grades. We really appreciate all her help and good energy! 

We expect to be at kindy beach a lot this week so please ensure the children come to school with swimsuits and a change of clothes! Also, water shoes. 

Thank you all and may all be well.


Ki Fatima 

Meadowgarten: April 29 - May 1

Greetings Meadowgarten Families!


It is hard to believe that the end of the school year is fast approaching!  We have spent some time reflecting on how much each child has grown and blossomed throughout the school year.  We feel so fortunate to be a part of their day!

This week was busy in the Meadowgarten.  We spent some time playing on Kindy Beach at the creek.  The children found snails, built sand castles and sat on the rocks near the shore.  We are keeping our eyes peeled for our Otter friend but no sightings as of yet.  

We also spent some time in the garden this week.  The chicks are now residing in the chicken coup during the day and it is fun to see how big they are getting. We enjoyed a lot of fresh fruits for our snack this week and it was fun to feed the watermelon rinds to the animals.  The children giggled as the donkeys drooled over the delicious scraps! 

The children continue to improve each week in Mandarin and Spanish. They are building confidence in their language skills and they are eager to volunteer to lead others in songs and to answer questions. 

This week the children heard a story called “The Little Half Chick.” It is about a chicken, who, despite being born with only one eye, one leg, and one wing, was quite capable and had strong ambitions for a life away from the quiet country.  He decided that he should meet the King and during his travels he was asked for help several times.  Each time, professed that he was far too busy to help. He finds himself in quite the conundrum at the King’s castle and is forced to ask for help himself. See if your Meadowgartener remembers how the story ends! 

We helped to prepare food items for the Grandfriends Tea this week as well and the Meadowgarteners did a wonderful job.  They were very careful and meticulous in their work.  It was exciting to take part in the preparation process for this wonderful event.  We were so proud of the students as they quietly lined up and sang their songs beautifully on Friday.

Please remember to pack a change of clothes and water shoes for this week.  It is our goal to allow the children to play in the creek as much as possible from now until the last day of school!


 Ki Amy and Ki Holly  

Mountaingarten: April 22 - 26

Greetings Mountaingarten families,

Another fun and exciting week is behind us. The children were happy to finally return to the creek and feel the sand beneath their feet. They skipped stones, found a crawfish on the sand and built sandcastles and sand angels too. 

The honeysuckles are blooming and the caterpillars are crawling about, the children have been picking them up and giving them names. They built a tiny home for one they named “Greta” but when they went to check on her the next day, she seemed to have escaped! 

We are happy to be seeing warmer weather and expect to be spending more time in the creek this week! 

May all be well. 

Warm regards, 

Ki Fatima & Ki Aja 

Meadowgarten: April 22 - 26

Greetings Meadowgarten Families!

 We enjoyed a beautiful spring week in the Meadowgarten!  

On Monday, we started our adventures in the Garden.  Students made balls of clay, fed clovers to the animals, and kept busy digging holes and playing in the “boat” that they created from planks of wood.  We shared our Monday oatmeal snack with the toddlers which was a fun change to our snack routine. We headed to the forest shortly after snack to seek some shade.  There, we found a really neat looking frog in our wood shed at base camp.  Be sure to check out the pictures below! 

Throughout the week the students listened to a story called “Lady Spring.”  It tells about Spring time slowly emerging as winter winds lessen with each day until finally it is warm enough for Lady Spring to fully bloom. The students enjoy listening to stories during snack time.  It provides a nice and needed rest in the middle of morning play. 

 On Tuesday, the students were intently watching the creek and wishing to swim.  Although not quite warm enough for swimming, we headed down to “Kindy Beach” and played in the sand.  It was so much fun making sand castles and dipping our fingers into the cool, crisp water.  

On Wednesday, we were so impressed with the students during Mandarin.  Almost all of them have mastered the new numbers song and were singing loudly and confidently.  Ki Cerena called on many volunteers to lead the group.  It is amazing to watch how effortlessly children are able to grasp foreign languages.  

Thursday was especially exciting, as we were able to see the Lower and Middle grades in their performance of Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors.  All of the kindergarten students sat quietly in their chairs throughout the entire performance.  They enjoyed it very much!  It was quite impressive!

On Friday, we celebrated sweet Annabelle’s 5thbirthday. We saw pictures of Annabelle as a tiny baby and heard special memories shared by her mom. Annabelle brought watermelon to share with the class and everyone loved it!  We took the rinds to the garden to feed the donkeys and goats.  

Please remember to apply sunscreen in the morning if needed and pack bug spray as well.  Weather permitting, we may play in the creek this week. Please pack a swimming suit or other clothing that is comfortable to get wet in as well as a change of clothes and water shoes. 

As always, thank you for sharing your child with us!


Ki Amy and Ki Holly 


Lower Grades: April 15 - 19

The Lower Grades are doing a wonderful job working on their various parts for our play, Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat. Each day we sing, say our parts and practice moving around to our respective places.  This week we will focus on making props and having our dress rehearsals. We look forward to seeing you all Thursday evening for our 6:30 performance in the sanctuary. PLEASE HAVE YOUR CHILD HERE BY 5:45 THURSDAY EVENING.  Doors open at 6:15 for seating. 

This past week we continued focusing on two and three letter-blends, practicing their sounds, writing the sounds and also writing words that use the blends. In Spanish class, the children are learning seasons among other concepts. In Mandarin, they used brushes to practice forming Chinese characters.   We also practice drawing and painting flowers to celebrate spring. This week we will focus on decoding compound words with the c-v-c pattern such as “catnip”.

Please remember to send water bottles every day!


Ki Melissa

Meadowgarten: April 15 - 19

Greetings Meadowgarten Families!

We had a wonderful week in the Meadowgaten, spending as much time outside as we could before the stormy weather approached on Friday.  In the forest, the students are working on sanding pieces of wood that will be used for a craft.  We are working on patience with them, as they are eager to be finished quickly.  We have explained that sanding wood by hand is work that takes a bit of time. 

On Monday we celebrated Nolan’s half birthday!  It was a fun celebration where we learned about Nolan’s very fast arrival into this world and all of the things he has enjoyed doing since then!  Thank you to Ki Lesley and Zach for the delicious treat of yogurt and granola! 

It has been amazing to watch the garden growing rapidly and we hope to see some sprouts in our newly planted herbs very soon.  The children observed the kudzu growing again and picked some for our animal friends to enjoy.  

In the forest, all of the kindergarteners spent time looking at the creek, very eager to begin swimming once again.  As soon as the mornings warm up, we promised them that we will resume our swimming adventures! 

The stormy weather on Friday kept us inside most of the day. We kneaded the dough for our tortillas, which Ki Holly baked and served as an after rest time snack.  We also made wreaths with dried flowers, and wet felt eggs. We decided to brave the rain at the end of the day and the children splashed and played in the large mud puddle (more like a small pond!) that formed in the playground!   

Just a few reminders: 

Please apply bug spray and sunscreen to your child prior to the start of school day.  

Please remember to pack a change of clothes daily.  

Please remember to pack a water bottle each day.  We go to the forest immediately following morning circle and especially with warmer temperatures, it is imperative that each child has a full water bottle at the start of the day.

Lastly, please pack a wet bag or grocery sack in your child’s back pack for wet clothes.


Ki Amy and Ki Holly


Mountaingarten: April 15 - 19

Dear Mountaingarten families,

We had an exciting week searching for precious stones and shells in the sand, finding wooden shelters in the forest, spotting caterpillars and butterflies, holding the chicks and observing how much they’ve grown, and enjoying each others good company. 

We had some chilly mornings too! But the sun warmed us as the day progressed and consequently layers were shed. 

On Friday, we stayed inside mostly and had a fun craft day while the rain poured outside. We set up different stations where the children could make felted eggs and Spring wreaths, or “birds nests” as they liked to call it. 

The children listened to a story about a girl named Penelope who was unkind but after noticing no one would play with her, she changed for the better and made lots of good friends. We talked about what are some kind things that we can do for others. 

May all be well.

With Gratitude,

Ki Fatima & Ki Aja 

Meadowgarten: April 8 - 12

Greetings Meadowgarten Families!

We enjoyed a very warm week in the Meadowgarten, with the children asking when we will start swimming in the creek!  We have enjoyed observing the signs of spring all over the school grounds.  The ducks have returned to the pond and wetlands, there is a bird nest with baby birds in the garden, and the vegetable garden is growing and growing before our eyes.  

We planted a small herb garden of our own, starting with spearmint and basil and we will plant more seeds next week. We look forward to using the mint in iced herbal tea to enjoy during snack time.  This was our second week sharing soup with our Joyful Beginnings friends and we are so happy that they are able to be with us.  Ki Ieva gave us some radishes from their garden and the children enjoyed the fresh, crisp and spicy taste.  

On Tuesday, Ki Holly made some dough for the children to practice kneading.  She took the extra dough home and cooked mini tortillas for everyone to try on Wednesday as part of our snack.  They were very yummy!

On Thursday, we enjoyed a wonderful Creature Feature.  We met sweet Norbo, a K-9 working with the Cobb County Police.  We learned that he works hard to ensure that stadiums and other public places are safe by sniffing for explosives. Norbo understands very well when he is working and when he is playing.  When he has his police vest on, he is working and when the vest is off, he is like any other dog, wanting to chew his toy and have his ears scratched. All of the students were able to pet Norbo and they loved the experience!

 On Friday, even though it was warm, we made a fire in the forest so that we could pop some popcorn for our snack, which we enjoyed with sweet, juicy apples.

In the forest the children played tag, made beautiful and fun creations in the mud kitchen and the sandbox, collected nature treasures and climbed trees.  Inside play was fun too, dressing up with silks and balancing on our new sensory pads, giving to us by Ki Melissa.

Along with all of the beautiful signs of Spring, we are also noticing the return of mosquitoes. Please send bug spray to school with your child.  Also, the sun is getting warmer so please apply sunscreen to your child prior to school.  We can help them reapply as necessary, especially since the sun is warmest in the afternoon.  


Ki Amy and Ki Holly 

Mountaingarten: April 8 - 12

Dear Mountaingarten families, 

We had an eventful and exciting week this past week! The children enjoyed holding the soft baby chicks in their hands and looking at their different colors and feathers.

In the garden we planted herbs, smelled the newly bloomed lavender, and had to seek shelter under the gazebo during Spanish one day as the sky opened and poured rain upon us! 

We also got to admire the lovely radishes Ki Ieva and Joyful Beginnings planted, they kindly gifted two to our class. Thank you Ieva and Joyful Beginnings!

In the forest we also enjoyed making leaf crowns, spotting the turtles sunbathing on top of the logs in the lake, and climbing on top of the Trojan horse. 

We also had our last creature feature of the school year- a cob county bomb dog! The kids loved petting him and watching him chew up his toy. Thanks to the police officer Elijah who brought him in and for answering all our questions! 

A special thanks to Sarah Darby and all who helped out during the Springtide festival on Saturday. What a beautiful festival it was.

A few reminders:

As sunny days are up ahead, please apply sunscreen on your child prior to coming to school! We are planning to jump in the creek this week so make sure your child comes to school with a swimsuit and change of clothes as well! 

Thank you all, have a wonderful week ahead :-) 


Ki Fatima & Ki Aja 

Meadowgarten: March 25 - 29

Greetings Meadowgarten Families!

 We hope that everyone had a restful and rejuvenating Spring Break.  It is hard to believe that spring time is already upon us.  The Meadowgarteners have enjoyed observing the signs of spring, such as flowers blooming, birds chirping, turtles basking in sun on logs in the pond, ducks returning to the wetlands, and dandelions and onion grass sprouting everywhere!  

The week before Spring Break was yet another week with wintery mornings and warm afternoons.  We practiced nailing some nails into boards of wood.  The children greatly enjoyed this.  We will keep practicing our hammering skills so that we can work toward a craft involving nails and wood and also to help the upper graders frame out the tree house in the forest. 

We are continuing to work on our finger knitting skills and it is so exciting to see many of the children really getting the hang of it!  They are working very hard and several students have already made bracelets and necklaces.  

On Thursday, our Joyful Beginnings friends met us in the forest for our soup snack.  We look forward to having snack with them every Thursday for the rest of the school year!  Lunch time has also been fun, as we continue to eat outside in the meadow. 

 We will be adding a new song to our Morning Circle when we return from break.  We are looking forward to seeing all of the students bright and early Monday morning!  


Ki Amy and Ki Holly